About Us


The story of Brown & Cannida Co. began ​in 2016.

While working together in corporate America, the two of us — one mom-to-be and one brand new mom, bonded over wife life, mom life, work life, and the balance of it all.

Naturally, we became fast friends.

Our similar backgrounds and our shared love of style and self-care meant that our camaraderie quickly extended beyond work.

Spa treatments? Check!

Travel and wine tours?

Check! The occasional weekday brunch? Check!

Among the growth of our friendship, our careers, and our respective families, the idea for Brown & Cannida Co. was born.

Our different, yet complimentary personal styles and like minded business goals has driven our corporate careers. And now, it’s fueled our desire to create Brown & Cannida Co. and grow it to new heights!

Brown & Cannida Co. perfectly embodies our effortlessly chic take on jewelry, fashionable accessories, and more. All of our pieces are chosen with everyday women in mind.

...Women at the beginning of their careers.

...Women forging their own paths.

...Women growing their families, their own businesses, and the collection of stamps in their passports.

All of whom deserve to be draped in the effortlessly chic offerings from Brown & Cannida Co.

Effortlessly Chic is not just a brand, it's a lifestyle for everyday women, just like YOU

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